Jamaican Draughts/Checkers

By Oshane McKenzie

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The Game

Here at  Jamaican Draughts/Checkers we aim to up lift and promote the jamaican draught/checkers game.

The game is played and loved by many jamaicans but has not been given a spotlight in main stream media.

The game is played on 8x8 board with each opponent starting with 12 peices/pawns. this jamaican style checkers game is played with the opporune take rule. this means if an opponent is faced with multiple choice of takes he or she can choose take whichever  way he or she desires. men/peices/pawns can take/jump forwards or backwards one space at at time until there is no more possible takes in its path. wen crowned they become flying kings which means they can make long jumps across the board diagonally in either direction.

They are many diffrent styles,techniques or patterns used when playing the game we can also call these styles "games" examples of such games are hook, paracite, level 15 & 16 and a whole lot more. some players are highly skilled in one particular game while some are skilled in a variety of games

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